ye olde Blue Ridge

My friend Jamie and I left our friend's bachelorette weekend in Asheville and planned to take the long way home to Greensboro via the Blue Ridge Parkway. I grew up on the coast, so I'm still mystified by this stretch of road that seems to float over these mountains. There was a point during our drive that we noticed a silvery effect on the trees hanging above. We pulled off at an overlook and stood around taking photos for a good five minutes before actually looking up from our viewfinders to behold that this was snow. Whuuut??? It was the end of October, which is pretty early for snow in North Carolina (mountain dwellers- correct me if I'm wrong). By the time we got to our intended hiking spot, Craggy Gardens, the snow was piling onto the trees and forcing their branches downward into arc shapes. Commence toddler-trot to the port-a-potties (the bathrooms' pipes froze) to change out of our bachelorette brunch heels and skirts and into our hiking clothes and boots. Jamie dropped her glasses somewhere during this scramble. Horrible mental images of her poor glasses flashed through our minds as we walked back toward the port-a-potties. Fortunately a nice man and his wife had found them on the sidewalk, not in a latrine. Fun times!!!1 We bundled up, began hiking down the trail, took the below photo of the trees at an overlook, took note of our pink and quickly numbing hands, and promptly turned back around and started back up the path toward the cars. The Blue Ridge Parkway had begun its closings because of the snow, and my anxious beach town self spent the rest of the drive with my foot strained and near the brake pedal at all times. Jamie was a champ for putting up with my nervousness as I flashed my hazards along the VERY SLIPPERY Parkway roads that, *ahem*, do not always have guard rails separating you from the nice, long fall of doom down the side of the mountains. It was nearly silence (sorry, Jamie) all the way to the Marion Wendy's off the interstate, where I could finally sit and drown my fears in a steaming cup of chili and a burger and frosty. Was I unsure whether we'd spend that night shivering in the car in a snowy ditch versus in our beds in Greensboro? Totally. Did we have a memorable experience? Yes. Worth it? Yes. This is the part where I think I'm supposed to say, "Cheers to misadventure." It tru

Blue Mountains Overlook and Craggy Gardens, NC