india ink  (images painted with watercolor brushes and black india ink onto Bristol paper)

drypoint prints  (image scratched into copper plates with etching needle; coated in ink, printed using printing press on damp paper)

cyanotypes  (images drawn onto plastic sleeves, placed on top of hand-coated paper, exposed to UV light, rinsed to reveal blue tone)

photograms (images drawn onto plastic sleeves, placed on top of darkroom paper, exposed to 30 seconds of light, developed in darkroom chemicals)

Van Dyke prints  (same process as cyanotype, but with 1 minute in potassium dichromate bath, 5 minutes in fixer bath, and 40 minutes in water bath)

egg tempera painting (powdered pigments mixed with egg yolk and water, and painted in gradual layers onto wood panel prepared with gesso)

silkscreen prints  (image burned into polyester screen, inks hand-mixed, printed in editions of 5 each)

gouache  (paint that functions like both watercolor and acrylic paint)

acrylic on canvas

pen and ink    (Micron pens on mixed media paper)