In the Making Photo Journal: Serigraphy

Hay! Excited to share this today. This post walks through nearly all of the steps involved in making my last screen print series. It's three different one-color prints in yellow ochre, pink, and a deep navy. The design, originally a drawing in gouache, is an abstracted archway scene with warped perspectival planes. These motifs plus the color choices are all inspired by 13th-century Tuscan painting (specifically tempera paintings out of Siena. Lil' refresher- that was my undergrad thesis/my baby). 

The Trecento Archway in Yellow Ochre is currently on display at the Wilmington International Airport at the B40: Wilmington Artists Under 40 exhibition. A number of these will also be for sale soon, wooo! 

Thanks for following along, and please do shoot me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions.