What darkroom mishaps look like:

Those giant gobs are not the Blob reappearing, but instead the result of developer not completely reaching a section of the film in its canister. I actually still don't know exactly why this happened, but I think this part of the film was pinned under part of the plastic spool, and just stayed covered during each stage of development, most importantly during the actual developer's coating. This is not the worst of darkroom failures by any means, but it's still a little setback. Thankfully these were taken down the street, so I can go back and try again.   :-)  

35mm • Kernersville

35mm • Stokesdale

35mm • Greensboro

This morning I scanned in some weird little Greensboro scenes (my favorite kind!)

I loooove deliberately showing off the parts of a city that aren't and never, ever will be on any of its postcardsthe abandoned strip malls with their cracked parking lots and those giant, all-caps "LIQUIDATION SALE" and "EVERYTHING MUST GO" signs that have been sun-bleached that off-putting shade of turquoise (in the style of bad restaurant menu imagery---you know the ones). This Catherine Opie photograph captures this general feeling well, but in black and white:


Here are three of my favorite shots with the Diana mini. (This is it---you can absolutely tell these photos were taken with a plastic toy camera, which I love.)

Helps us formalists and perfectionists surrender a bit of technical control ;-)

I've started going on these mini photo trips a little more regularly, and am thinking of making them a group hang (ie. photo walk). Send me a message here if interested in joining, and we'll chat!