flint & watson show

again I’m shocked that it’s somehow already another year (!!!), which is the sentiment for me and probably most every January. Don’t want to let too much time pass before I post the photos from a super sweet little solo show and opening from a couple months ago. Flint & Watson is an awesome little space & cafe in Prenzlauer Berg that hosts an artist exhibition once a month. I had the best time meeting the nice folks that run it and the best time putting together this show.

“Parapetual,” a series of gouache and ink paintings, is centered around the parapets and battlements found allll throughout early Renaissance egg tempera panel paintings. I’m obsessed (can u tell) with these shapes and this era’s color scheme, but with a small bit of black-and-white, minimalist weirdness thrown in. Hard to ‘splain. Easier to look at fotos below. Head to the contact page for purchase inquiries. enjoi!


favorite two photos from the opening I think. thanks, guys, for coming out! even my sister, pictured with this dog that isn’t ours, who had to come because we’re siblings. <3 :-)