inspiration roundup

Was so close to referencing Woody's Roundup in the title, but didn't. (so I did it here). Yee haw

I thought it might be cool to start posting some of my favorite inspiration images from Tumblr, a site I use at least once a week to keep my brain fresh & sharp & full-to-the-brim of visual snackz :-) I post these to an inspiration blog that you can take a look at here


Pretty Colors: exactly what it sounds like---just a bunch of nice color swatches.

calm in trees: an awesome assortment, esp. the delightfully grainy film photos of 1960s and 70s Polynesian palms and surf town scenes

German Post-War Modern: all the boxy Brutalist buildinz you could wish for. black & white film

No Brash Festivity: Modern masterpieces for art history geeks. plenty of brushy strokes and bold colors to go around here

painted out: more photos of art and sculpture, but with a more subdued neutral palette. mostly greys, beiges, and whites