lookbook: hand-painted denim jackets

Finally got a minute to edit this shoot, and boiiiii am I excited to be sharing it. I've been thinking about painting on jean jackets for a good little while, and finally found the perfect one to test out. My roommate Hannah heard about this idea and without hesitation handed me her black jacket to paint on. (Bless friends who trust you with paint and their clothes---she's a keeper). I snapped some photos of Hannah in the finished product (which actually was meant to cover the whole jacket until I ran out of time, oopz). She killed this shoot, if you can't tell. I'm also feeling like my portrait-taking practice is getting stronger after several years of some neglect (in favor of shooting architecture and lines, shadows- can u blame me tho? they're just so fun). 

This was also my first time styling a shoot (read: running around Hannah's room and picking up articles of clothing that looked cute and stuffing them in a bag and flying out the door). The yellow pants and the blue sky and this AMAZING punch-hooked clutch just jive so well for me. Give me a blank blue sky aaaany day, but especially with some crazy colors and zig zags. Yis.

I'm vury tired and have another workshop tomorrow ("stitch and poke" embroidery as part of a slow fashion festival here. I love it) so that concludes this post. Keep your peepers peeled in the coming weeks (*months) for MORE JACKETS LIKE THESE that you can have shipped straight to your door! Yeehaw!!