inspiration roundup II

Hey howdy hey! This is my second inspiration roundup (still sticking to this wild west copy—-can’t stop won’t stop). These are some favorites pulled from my inspiration Tumblr blog (link here). Keeps my brain goin’ and lets me take a break from making my own work.

Below are the (linked!) accounts I’m loving lately, along with two photos from each.

First Row

Apenina Coquete: mostly color film photographs of mostly tropical scenes. Grainy, sunny, warm, quirky.

Robert Lehman Collection: paintings, dresses, frames, vases, sketches, and prints from this extensive collection at the Met

Second Row

The Photo Registry: all the best contemporary photographers. stunning landscapes + portraits + street photographs

Vincent Van Gogh: exactly as it sounds! Sketches & paintings by our fave neo-Impressionist hero

Third Row

Boxes of Old Photos: this guy collects film photos from the 1870s to the 1990s, usually from yard sales.

A Palace Store: a fun Portland shop with the cutest Tumblr game. Fashion, film photography, drawings. Colorful with LOTS of marvelous shades of pink prevailing