very belated cabin weekend video debut

Taking today to finish editing my growing pile of various trip video files and shoot them like a confetti cannon into cyberspace (is that dramatic idk).

Here is the first—a lovely winter weekend at Emma’s godparents’ cabin about two hours from Greensboro. I have never been more happy to spend an entire weekend indoors. It was rainy and there aren’t really trails nearby, so we just edited and enjoyed one another’s company over what I am sure is not a doctor-approved amount of coffee and flavored creamer. (2 bad) Was one of the most lovely weekends of my life. I miss these two tons :0

Oh and they’re both incredible photographers, so if you want to check out their work you can find it here: Emma Frances Logan Andrew Neel

~ps I’m a big ole noob/amateur at this, so there’s plenty of camera shake to offer you if you like that :-)